South of Iceland in 5 days

Land of Ice and Fire. ― my traveling logs

en 23 Nov 2019
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Day 1

Right after we landed in the afternoon, we took our rented car. We rented a 4x4 car which is allowed to go on F roads for our planned trip to Rainbow Mountains.

Right from the airport, we visited Moon Landscape located just a little bit south of the airport. After a quick drive, we passed the thermal power plant and we immediately started to smell sulfur.

We visited two sites there:

  • The hot well Gunnuhver - a nice place with a lookout to the moon landscape and hot spring (which is more like steam plume).
  • Because we arrived at Reykjanestá too late and we didn't see much because of the dark. But there is a lighthouse and lookout from the cliff to the sea.

We spend the night in the Rejkjavík in the hostel right on the shore of the sea.

Day 2

The next day we just quickly visited the church in the Rejkjavík and went on the ride to our first (of many) waterfalls.

The hike to Glymur Waterfall was about 7km long. From the parking spot, we quickly came to the river and had to cross in. The crossing was quite adventurous with only half of the river bridged with the log and guiding rope to help you stand in the current. Then we climbed up on the right side of the river up to the waterfall and we had to cross the river again, above the waterfall. There, the river was much calmer, but also broader and deeper and the water was painfully cold. The craziest thing was that just above the cliff of the waterfall there were two sheep peacefully grazing on the banks.

The next step this day was Þingvellir. It is a national park on the place that is believed to be the place where the Althing (Icelandic parliament) was established in 930 AD. The dominant feature in the landscape is the fissure between Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

After that, we made stop at geysers Geysir, Strokkur and few more and than another stop at Gullfoss. The last place to visit was Hrunalaug the hot spring where we spend some time and just relaxed.

For the rest of our trip, we stayed in one place at Stokkseyri and we made trips from there.

Day 3

On the third day, we took a long ride to the east. We visited Urriðafossa and Seljalandsfossa waterfall. Then we took a look at the famous Black Beech Reynisfjaraa. Because of bad weather on the east (heavy rain) we turned back. The weather was surprisingly good just 30km west while on the Black Beach, the strings of water wall falling from the sky.

On the way back we visited glacier Sólheimajökull and another waterfall Skógafoss. We also hiked up approximately 2km along the river above the waterfall and then back.

The last stop for this day was (as every day 😂) hot spring. Today it was actually hot pool Seljavallalaug. This pool was made of concrete and thus quite big a deep, even suitable for a little bit of actual swimming.

Hot pool Seljavallalaug
Hot pool Seljavallalaug

Day 4

For this day, we did a whole day trip to Landmannalaugar, the Rainbow Mountains. Drive itself was quite adventurous as we had to cross the river multiple times with the car. We did a round trip around the lava field across multiple peaks. And as always ended up in the hot springs, that was located just 5 minutes from the parking. This time, we spend like two hours in the water and it was amazing.

Day 5

For our final day, we had planned to hike around Skagfjörðsskáli. But as our car was not able to cross rivers to get there we only visited the canyon and waterfall Stakkholtsgjá before (for us) the impossible ford.

On the way to the airport, we visited Reykjadalur the hot river. We had to walk a little bit to get there. It was a quite unique experience as it was actually flowing stream of hot water (not just a well or pool).

That was the last of the Icelandic experiences.

I definitely want to go back to Iceland and travel more to this beautiful country.

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