Greek island in the Ionian sea full of goats and both white-"sand" (marbles) and golden sand beaches.

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en 7 Aug 2019
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General advice: Always rent a car, don't be dumb as I was and don't let your driving license expire. Buses have terrible schedules here and also they sometime leave earlier (and you miss them) or they can have great delays. Taxi here is ok but it can be expensive and time-consuming (sometimes you have to wait up to one hour). Forget about Uber here, but some of the drivers use WhatsApp to communicate and it is quite convenient. Always order a taxi via call on the phone you find online or WhatsApp you will get better prices.

We mostly traveled by bus (1.5-4€ per person), but when it was not possible to get back in a reasonable time we took a taxi to get back. Cheapest car-renting is like 35€ per day, one taxi ride is from 30-50€. So it was reasonably close.


Besides "hard" info from Wikipedia. Kefalonia is an island full of hills goats and churches. Hills are quite tall (highest is 1600m above the sea level) and the only thing you can keep there as a farmer are goats (and cows at some places).

Places we have visited

  • Myrthos Beach is one of the best beaches I have ever visited. Myrthos is made of small white marbles, has azure water and beautiful cliffs. There is even a small cave.
  • Melissani Cave is q quite nice (but small) underground lake. But maybe for 7€, it's a little overpriced.
  • Drogarati Cave is interesting but most of the stalactites are broken. But it's quite close to Melissani Cave it's worth visiting both places during one trip.
  • Fiskardo is the only village that survived the Great Kefalonia earthquake) in 1953. It is a very nice village with a port full of ships.
  • Emplisi Beach is a very nice beach next to Fiskardo. It's nice to walk there from Fiskardo taking a route around Venetian lighthouse and Byzantine Basilic.
  • Agia Efimia is a small village on the east side of the island. It is possible to rent a boat there and visit small beaches that are accessible only by boat.
  • Antisamos Beach is quite a nice "party beach" but if you go a little bit further you can find very nice wilder places.
  • Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia. The most noticeable place to visit is of course De Bosset Bridge. We walked from there all the way north till Saint Theodore Lantern. Then we walked from there back to Argostoli and took a bus to Makris Gialos Beach.
  • After Myrtoos the Makris Gialos Beach was the second-best for me. It has golden sand and shallow water.
  • Ammes Beach is a super interesting place. You can walk there from the airport (2km) and airplanes are literally lading on top of your head. It's an amazing place!
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