Weekend in New York

City That Never Sleeps ― my traveling logs

en 4 Aug 2019
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  • Uber for traveling from/to the airport
  • Metro for longer distances
  • A lot of walking (25km in one day)

Day 1

We took the metro to Whitehall St station and we started our trip from the south of Manhattan.

Statue of Liberty

There is an easy transfer from Whitehall St metro station onto State Island Ferry. This ferry goes fairly close to the island with the statue and it's free. View of the statue is fair and so it the view of Manhattan and Brooklyn. At Staten Island, we were quick and maybe lucky and we immediately took the same ferry back.

Charging Bull & Wall Street

The next stop was the Charging Bull statue and the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. To be honest those places were just crowded and for me not so much interesting. But there is no reason to skip them, they are on the way anyway.

9/11 Memorial

Memorial is just huge and breathtaking. Pools are of the size of the original buildings and are two floors deep with all the names of the victims carved into metal blocks that surrounds the pools.

We split at this point. Michal went on Freedom Tower and me and Tonda continued towards Chinatown.


Visiting Chinatown is like entering a completely different city. People are selling food on the streets and shops and small restaurants are just everywhere. It was one of the best places I have visited in New York.

Bitcoin Centre

Bitcoin Center is a small place now. The place looked like an office with a small entrance space with ATM and one guy playing probably Fortnight and looking after the place.

From what I've understood and from what I've found the BitLicense regulation by the New York state forced them out of the business 😠.

We reunited with Michal and walked north towards Central Park.

Flatiron Building, Empire State Building and Grand Central Terminal

We walked around Flatiron Building, Empire State Building and visited Grand Central Terminal. If you are into architecture you must see those.

Times Square

Times Square is the place I need to see exactly once in my life. There were just people and advertisements. I block ads whenever I go (both technically in the browser online and mentally on the streets) and this place is famous just because of advertisement billboards. I would call that place: the consumer's worst nightmare.

Central Park

After a long walk, we finally managed to reach Central Park. It's big and you can spend hours just walking there. Significant places are:

From Central Park, we went to 86 Street Station and took the metro towards Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge

We started at Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station and walked the bridge all the way to Brooklyn. There were tons of people plus crazy bikers rushing through the crowd as half of the passage is designated to them.

On the other side, we decided to just go for a beer and chill out. It was a long day.

Randolph Beer

We found Randolph Beer and it was just great (and quite expensive). They have awesome beers. They were best from what I have had during my whole 14 days in the USA (and I had tapped beers from microbreweries nearly every evening 😊).

Also, the concept of that place was interesting: They have various taps on the wall and you can tap beer for yourself with a card they gave you. Then you pay by the amount you have consumed.

The only problem was that they required a credit card. Something that guys from Prague didn't have. But we managed and we got a prepaid card (for some reason we had to prepay it in cash).

I have tasted nearly all the bears they have and they were all just awesome!

Day 2:

The next day we took the metro back to Central Park and split again. Tonda left us and went to Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art and then into Brooklyn again visit some hipster-stuff there. Me and Michal quickly crossed Central Park and visited the American Museum of Natural History.

American Museum of Natural History

You can be a whole day long inside this place (especially with kids). The most interesting parts of the exposition for me were dinosaurs' bones (of course!) and meteorites (of course!). Both are huge and you can even touch real 15 tons big meteorite (kid inside me was screaming 😁). How cool is that?

Also we saw Dark Universe show in the famous The Hayden Planetarium. It was beautiful visualisation of the tour among the stars.

St. Patrick's Old Cathedral and Rockefeller Center

On the way back we went to look into the Cathedral and Rockefeller Tower because we missed those places yesterday (by walking different street from Lower Manhattan to Central Park).

Cathedral is nice but it is quite bizarre how it is squeezed between skyscrapers.

Rockefeller Tower is something I would skip. Besides shopping, there is nothing to see.

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Then we moved to Brooklyn by metro and reunited with Tonda at East River State Park. There is a beach with an astonishing view of Manhattan (sadly swimming is not allowed there).

We spend the rest of the evening in Brooklyn. We even found European beer bar Radegast Hall & Biergarten.

Times Square at Midnight

The last thing we did was visiting Times Square again. At midnight all the billboards synchronize for short show. It was interesting but as I wrote Times Square is a place I need to see exactly once in my life - and I have seen it twice now 😁.

We took the last meal at McDonald directly at Times Square, then we took an Uber to the airport for our early morning flight.

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