One month of nomading in Bali

With a group of friends, we have decided to go nomading for one month to Bali. We traveled all around the island. Together we have visited Ubud, Uluwatu, Amed, and Canggu. Sometimes we split into smaller groups. Some of us were at Nusa Penida, Lombok, or did a trip to the north of Bali.

en 6 Jun 2020
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We were staying 3-5 nights at each place. Because we were a big group (9 people) we rented a whole villa and worked from there.

The nomading

We were able to travel around and work for ~5 hours every working day.

Forget about working outside. It's too hot and too much sun there. 99% of all working time we were inside at the vila in an air-conditioned room.

Traveling logs


Ubud is a green place. It is a place of awesome food, forests, and rice fields.


Uluwatu is the Mecca of all surfers. We spend a lot of time surfing. We also rented bikes there because it's not crowded and we need to get some experience in a noob-friendly environment first.

Nusa Penida

Best place ever. Awesome beaches, pure water full of corals and fishes. Best snorkeling ever.

We were snorkeling on the boat with this guy, and we were more than happy!


We were said that it is the best place for snookering. But after Nusa Penida, it was quite disappointing. It is very nice, don't get me wrong but next time, I would just spend more time on Nusa Panida.

  • Amed Beach – Snorkeling spot with the small underwater shrine
  • Hike on Mount Batur – Crowded tourist trap, an easy hike with a mandatory guide from the local mafia

Kuta and Canggu

Kuta and Canggu is a really busy place. There is a lot of traffic, and it is kinda time-consuming to move around. I won't go there again. We spend most of our time surfing and working.

Were surfing most of the time at Kuta Beach. Then I have spent some time in Siloam Hospitals where they cared for my open fracture of the finger.

Never grip, or hold the leash from your surf in the water! One unlucky entanglement and wave will rip your finger off!

I was lucky. It has cost me surgery, two days in the hospital and, 5 months of having an iron pin in my finger. They even saved the nail. Yay!

  • Tanah Lot – Mainstream but very interesting temple on the small rock in the sea

Trip to the North

With my newly fixed finger I couldn't swim I have rented a car with a driver and made a trip to the north.

There I have stayed in Munduk Village. I have rented a bike did a solo-trip around the area.

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